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good morning, america. and breaking this morning. divers suspend their search for the cruise ship missing as the children of barbara heil and her husband. and the story of the violinist that saved others. the tape of a beating overnight in chicago. seventeens are charged. including a young girl. and walking miracle. lauren scruggs' first pictures. the inside story of her amazing recovery. inside america's golden couple. the confidant revealing details.
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the shocking conversation with carolyn before the fatal flight. here we are. right up here on the big screen. good morning, everyone. when you see these stunning new pictures of lauren scruggs out with her family, just week after her horrific accident, it just warms your heart to see her doing so well. >> she's coming back so quickly. and, boy, newt gingrich coming on strong. new polls out this morning show he's surging. lots of momentum. a strong debate on monday night. is there time to overtake mitt romney? big weather for parts of the midwest. you're going to chicago. a big storm headed to the
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midwest and then heading east. >> we haven't had much here, right? >> except for halloween. to the latest on the cruise ship disaster. new questions about why it took so long to evacuate. and what the captain is saying about why he got on a lifeboat so soon. chris cuomo is back there again today. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it took more than an hour after this ship collided with the rocks to call the evacuation order. why? the cruise operator is having fingers pointed at it. originally, they said they didn't know what was going on. we have new reason to believe they knew where the captain was headed. the "costa concordia"'s sister ship cruising near the island.
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a satellite photo now capturing the wreckage from space. underneath the water, divers working in extreme conditions. wading through shoulder-deep water, surrounded by dangling chandeliers, floating furniture. at one point, it became so dangerous, operations were suspended when the ship began tilting on the rocks. this morning, they're facing a harsh reality. this diver confirmed the mission is now to recover. not rescue. back in the u.s., an entire community gathered at a service for barbara and gerald heil. the only americans still missing. their son said he's thankful for the workers trying to find them. >> we still have hope. we have hope for anything that will come. whatever god's plan is, we're at peace with that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the search for answers continues. the growing interest on the
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cruise operator's role. the captain said he made a mistake steering too close to the island. but contradicting the claim, he says the ruth was planned in advance. there's more evidence that this ship has cruised this route before. locals say they have witnessed it. ship tracking data shows it came within 750 feet of the coast last year. >> back in august last year, the vessel probably came within spitting distance of the rock it actually hit. >> reporter: as for the captain, he says he was on the bridge when the accident happened. crew members said he was having dinner. you saw the captain eating at about 9:30 at night? >> that time. >> reporter: one thing he did before he left was to maneuver the ship back toward the island, instead of moving out to sea, likely saving lives. it wasn't enough to save sandor
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feher, the first victim to be identified. and this family, the father of the violinist is on the island here. he wanted to see where his son lost his life. there are family members from those still missing. search and rescue begins again today. they're going to blow holes in the hull. that's how they get into the ship. they're going to focus on the area where the most people went to evacuate. there's a lot to learn about what secrets are inside that ship and what secrets surround what happened that night. >> families still holding on to hope for air pockets here and there. gotta hang on to hope. chris, thank you very much. you'll have much more on a special "20/20," cruise ship confidential tomorrow night. now to politics, your voice, your vote. a new poll out this morning shows newt gingrich is in a
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close, two-man race with mitt romney. jon karl has more. the team had been hoping to wrap this up on saturday. but gingrich has been surging since monday. >> reporter: that's right, george. in a clear sign that the romney campaign is now worried, romney is on the attack against gingrich. >> what a welcome. thank you so much. >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina, mitt romney slammed newt gingrich. accusing him of trying to take credit for all of the jobs created while he was speaker of the house. >> he's taking credit for the jobs created in america in the raegen years is a bit like al gore saying he created the internet. >> reporter: romney with the talk on gingrich. also with automated calls to south carolina voters.
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>> newt gingrich is just plain soft on illegal immigration. >> reporter: gingrich is enjoying large, enthusiastic crowds. >> if we win on saturday, i think i'll be the nominee. >> reporter: he says romney is running scared. >> i fully expect the romney campaign to be unendingly dirty and dishonest for the next four days. >> reporter: a day after romney revealed he pays a tax rate of only 15 kt, gingrich says he paid twice as much. >> that's what i paid. 31% of my income goes to the government. he said there would be a spot in a gingrich administration for palin. >> i would ask her to continue take mag jor role in my administration if i'm the next president. >> reporter: mitt romney on the conversion from pro choice to pro life. >> this is a decision that
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governor romney made for a political inconvenience, not an issue of his heart. >> reporter: rick santorum is going after romney, too. portraying his supporters as mindless automatons. >> they want us to fall in line and vote for their back room, hand-picked, moderate >> reporter: gingrich's rise is from a strong debate performance. there's another debate tonight. >> another hiccup. turns out that mitt romney may not have won the iowa caucus at all. there are actually more certified votes for rick santorum. >> reporter: that's right. it's a 34-vote landslide for rick santorum.
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they've lost the votes for eight precincts. we'll never know who the official winner was. one thing is clear, it was not romney. >> we have news here, angie, here on the floor said she was on your facebook page. it's your birthday. happy birthday. >> reporter: thank you, george. >> thanks, jon. let's get to josh for the news. 21 never looked so good as it does on jon karl. breaking news overnight about an iconic american company. kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection. it says he's secured $950 million in financiing from citigroup. news overseas that rupert murdoch's company is paying damages to 19 high-profile victims of phone hacking by his news of the world tabloid.
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including $200,000 to actor jude law. meanwhile, at home, a stunning breach of security. a dallas lawyer facing stunning charges after she boarded a flight with a revolver. >> reporter: a security scare at one of the nation's busiest airports. a handgun gets past skreerns. then the hunt is on. it was a gun-packing senior citizen. 65-year-old judith kenny sailed through security with her gun in a computer bag, she says, by mistake. by the time screeners knew what they were looking at, kenny and the gun had disappeared. they checked five terminals. held flights at one terminal and boarded them. >> they were not telling us anything at all. other than there was a security
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breach. and they were looking for somebody. >> reporter: she was trying to go to houston. her american airlines flight had already pulled away from the gate when security called it back. they found her and the gun on board the jet. >> it makes me feel concerned about what is really going on? is the screening process really as efficient and secure as it should be? >> when you let a weapon go through and you have to call the plane back, passengers already through, disrupting travel, there's something wrong with the performance of the agency. >> reporter: in a statement, the tsa defended its actions. saying it worked to locate the passenger and firearm before the plane departs. for "good morning america," lisa stark, abc news, washington. new pirs si laws being considered in washington right now. many of the websites went dark in protest on wednesday. more than a dozen members of
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congress have withdrawn support for the legislation, effectively killing it. the cofounder of a new york hedge fund is one of four men charged in a massive insider trading case. prosecutors said this man initiated a single trade of dell computer stock that netted him $53 million. meanwhile, seventeens in chicago are under arrest for this horrible beating that was video taped. a 15-year-old girl lured that boy into an alley and held the camera while he was beaten and robbed by a gang. the mayor says it's a wakeup call about a flawed value system that has become intolerable. chaos on the streets in houston. a tiger perched outside on the ledge of an abandoned hotel. take another look as firefighters were able to -- yeah -- just a -- just a stuff sd animal.
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no word on who placed him out there. no firefighters or children's hearts were harmed in capturing that tiger. just a second. >> i did a double-take. >> what gave it away? the feathers from under his belly? >> thanks, josh. now, a big announcement about jobs from president obama today. he's on his way to florida, where he will reveal his plan for boosting tourism here in the u.s. the number of jobs at stake is high. and jake tapper -- why is it always -- we -- >> very hard to say. you make fun of me. it's hard to say. >> jake tapper on the road with the president right now. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we should disclose that disney is the parent company of abc news. what president obama intends to do here is not goofy, shall we say. he's talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue
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and potentially 1 million new american jobs. he'll announce that he wants to make the united states the number one tourist destination in the world. ♪ be our guest be our guest be our guest ♪ >> reporter: be our guest indeed. international tourism brings in big bucks. whether they come here or go elsewhere, tourists frommer merging economies are their own ministimulus packages. dropping up to $6,000 per tourist. but for the last decade, they've been spending that money elsewhere. largely because of post 9/11 security procedures. it's cost the u.s. $606 billion and 467,000 jobs over the last decade. >> we were losing between 400,000 and 500,000 jobs a year
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because we couldn't keep up with travel trends. >> reporter: today, the president will announce plans to turn that around. countries like brazil, when girls turn 15, they get to have a big party or have a big trip. >> to come here to disney and see cinderella's castle -- >> reporter: the u.s. has been missing out on thousands of these would-be princesses, the president wants the wait time to be reduced. as they say -- ♪ it's a small world after all >> reporter: a small world full of tourists who want to spend their money here. after all. of course, some bad news is that malia and sasha will not be here today. they will not be able to accompany their father. >> have magical day there, jake,
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at the magic kingdom. we're going to turn to a german man who made headlines and land in jail after pretending for years to be a rockefeller. he's in court today for the judge to decide whether he should face charges on a murder from 20 years ago. >> reporter: good morning, george. after all these years, he's still calling himself clark rockefeller. now this imposter may soon stand trial for murder. he's being called the world class con man. a german immigrant masquerading as a rockefeller. now they're trying to prove he's also a cold-blood eed murderer. >> do you waive your -- i have
7:17 am
never seen a circumstances where a defender is referred to in court by was one of his akas. >> reporter: his landlady's 27-year-old son was brutally murdered. his remains were found years later in trash bags buried in a backyard. police suspected him, but he was long gone. years later, across the country, he was hobnobbing with the rich and famous. convincing friends, even his new wife, he was clark rockefeller. >> i'm not saying i made a very good choice of husband. it's obvious that i had a blind spot. >> reporter: when she divorced him, he kidnapped their 7-year-old daughter. he was arrested in boston in 2008. in this globe interview, he talked about the kidnapping from behind bars. >> we had six glorious and wonderful days together. >> reporter: he was sentenced to five years in prison.
7:18 am
that's when california detect e detectives used his fingerprints to link him to the california murder. now the judge has to decide if th there's enough evidence to prove this con man is a killer. if he's convicted, he could face 26 years to life in prison. he's back in court today. the hearing is expected to last several more days. >> thanks, abbie. now let's get to sam. a couple of snowmakers. we'll have two assessments at e getting snow into urban areas. the northeast, this light snow happens first today. then in the next 24 hours, there's a big snow-maker for the chicagoland area. 4 to 8 inches of snow likely. this snow does move all the way into the east coast. it could mean two snow opportunities in the next 48 hours for parts of new england.
7:19 am
keep your eyes on that and keep up with your local abc stations. here's the cold air in place. make sure it is all falling in a frozen form. 29 below is the way it feels like in minneapolis. minot, about 39. the real temperature, about 22 below, that's central alaska cold. about 15 degrees colder than normal for this time of the year. 15 to 20 in washington is how it feels.
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>> if this show were "good morning dallas" for example, we would be 70 degrees today. robin? george? josh? >> we can all dream, right. coming up, the stunning new pictures of model lauren scru s scruggs. she's out laughing and joking
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. a bright start to the day but clouds rb will be on increase. scattered flurries possible biton-colder air will innovate going into tomorrow. and no rain mixed for the
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weekend. and it's possible in the forecast for you. but for today, cold this morning. and check out towson at around 14. and 19 in hereford and we are seeing teens in bel air as well as over into ellicott city and laurel. so going through the morning, make sure to bundle up before you step out. let's go over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the roads right now, dealing with one accident in the city fairmont at east avenue otherwise just a lot of congestion. for your thursday morning drive, as we get a live view of traffic on 95. not too bad northbound lanes to the right passing maryland 175. southbound a bit heavy make your way towards the capital beltway and traveling on the west side of 695, that's where you are going to find the most congestion on the left side outer loop. we are jammed from 795 to edmonton avenue. over to you. billionaire history buff paid the rest of the bill to get the washington monument fixed. david rubenstein is donating 7
7:28 am
1/2 million dollars to finish repairs. damage was caused by the earthquake. the monument has been closed and rubenstein wants it opened as quickly as possible. and u.s. house republicans will kick off the first day of a three-day retreat tomorrow in baltimore part of the retreat for them and new jersey governor christie and presidential candidates newt gingrich and rick perry are schedule to speak. back to new york for more good morning america. another update in half a hour. see you then.
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new pictures right there of lauren scruggs, the former model who had the horrible accident with the airplane propeller. she's out with her family. >> we'll have that story in a moment. also, camelot confidential. new details about life in the spotlight and how it took a toll on the couple. and nick cannon is speaking out after his health scare. how his wife, mariah carey, helped him pull through. we begin with the latest on lauren scruggs. dr. richard besser is here with insights on her recovery.
7:31 am
and ryan owens has more on her recovery. >> reporter: for weeks, her family is has been telling us how remarkable her recover is has been. this morning, we can see it for ourselves. it is quite a sight. she looks so strong, so surprisingly healthy. these pictures of lauren in a dallas cowboys hat and workout gear were snapped outside her rehab hospital on tuesday. she's with her parents and twin sister. that patch on her eye, that emply sleeve, the only signs of how much this young model has lost. last month, her perarents calle her recovery remarkable. >> she's so healthy. eats organic foods. work out at the gym, she boxes. all that really helped her.
7:32 am
>> reporter: it's been six weeks since an airplane propeller sliced off her hand and into her face. doctors could not save her left eye. the accident happened after the online fashion editor got out of a small plane at an airport north of dallas. she had been looking at christmas lights. the pilot said he warned her not to walk in front of the plane, but can't be sure she heard him over the roar of the pro peril. her family doesn't blame the pilot and calls it a horrific accident. >> we're here to get inside scoop. >> reporter: lauren, whose nickname is lo, appears upbeat in the photos. her mother ast latest blog posting makes it clear there's a lot of pain behind the smile. irm burdened for my sweet girl. it's hard to watch lo come to grips with the fact that she's lost her hand and lost her eye. it's hard to hear her tears.
7:33 am
we should point out again we have tried to speak with that pilot. he's refused all interview requests. i'm sure you'll agree it's great to see lauren looking so good. >> it is. thanks so much, ryan. let's bring in dr. besser. she won't get her vision back in her left eye. how does that affect her overall? >> you're going to lose about 25% of your visual field. at about a month, after the people who lose vision in one eye have adjusted. in about a year, all of them are. they have to learn what to do without that bit of vision. the recovery is good. >> what about the options on replacing her lost hand? >> it looks like from the photos the loss of the arm is below the elbow. that's a good thing. there have been incredible advances in artificial hands.
7:34 am
i would expect she can get a pr prosthesis that will help her function. >> their family credits the power of prayer. >> as a pediatrician, i have cared for a lot of children with severe injuries and illnesses. you have to look at the family and what their supports are. family that is close and communicates well, they'll draw closer. a family that isn't, they can be fulled apart. families that get strength through faith can help. knowing that people care and are praying for them, that can have a lot of value. many patients are reluctant to talk to doctors about this. only about 10% of patients that use prayer will talk to their doctor. >> most doctors will encourage it. >> most would. lauren's mom is using a blog to express what they're going
7:35 am
through. that can be helpful, too. you're filled with hope looking at the photos. it will be a long process. having the prayer, knowing that people care will do a lot for this family. >> never underestimate the power of prayer. now to the look inside the marriage of jfk jr. and carolyn bessette. a new book. and bianna golodryga happens to have a copyright there. >> the explosive book. nearly 12 years after their untimely deaths, americans cannot get enough of jfk jr. and his wife, carolyn bessette. they were american royalty, living a guilded life. john f. kennedy jr. and wife,
7:36 am
carolyn bessette. they spent much of their life together in the spotlight. but one woman inside their circle of trust, john's assistant, is now talking. nearly 12 years after their tragic death off the coast of martha's vineyard. in her new book, "fairy tale interrupted" gives a new look at the couple. she writes, upon first meeting bessette, she quote intimidated the hell out of me. she quoted her as saying, i was to pissed, don't you every call me back again. john was renting office space many manhattan and sharing the same floor as the pr company
7:37 am
where they worked. >> he moved into my office one weekend. i came in on monday morning, i was not pleased. as someone once said who was in the office at the time, you could have been arrested in some states for the way you just spoke to him. i was really unhappy about that. that went from indifference to dislike. >> it seems that way. it also was a little bit of a spark of a friendship. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: she goes on the say that john's insens activity was the biggest catalyst for their arguments. he was simply as disorganized and clueless as a kid. the meaner the stories in the press, the more carolyn retreated into herself. she says she feels guilt over bessette's death. she had decided not to attend a family wedding with john. it was torenzio who talked her
7:38 am
into taking that flight. she convinced her to get on the plane. she said, listen, carolyn, you don't want to put yourself in a position of being judged. go get a dress. i'll get a car to get you to the airport. she does feel guilt about that. >> i can imagine so. thank you so much. on monday, on "gma," rosemarie terenzio will join us live. most of the heavy snow that fell yesterday was in the seattle area 37 pictures, before and after. same red truck, just piled up. in comes the second low today. it stays stormy. more of a wet system. an awful lot of wind and heavy rain. it does me some good to see warmer numbers, even if it's not where i live. i found some. san antonio, about 77.
7:39 am
does this work for you? houston, 70, new orleans, about 68. just taking it in, taking it in. >> all that weather was brought to you by revlon. also, honolulu, 79. >> so tweet you @sam champion? >> that's right. coming up, nick cannon speaking out for the first time about his health scare. light as air. your mood... your step... even your makeup. new revlon® photoready airbrush™ mousse make up.
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nick cannon is speaking out for the first time about the health scare that landed him in an l.a. hospital. revealing how much pain he had and revealing that his wife helped him get through it. >> nick talked about the health problem, what happened, how the ordeal has made him want to refocus on family. >> i'm back. i'm not dead. >> reporter: he may be laughing. his recent health scare is no joke. he was rushed to the hospital on family trip.
7:44 am
his wife, mariah carey posting these photos, calling the illness mild kidney failure. he's speaking out on his radio show. >> they shaugt i had acute mountain sickness. then they were like, oh, it's kidney stones. we didn't want to say kidney failure. >> reporter: doctors sent him home with no diagnosis. >> i thought i was going die. they're taking you off the m medici medicine, i'm trying to be normal. the kidney pain came back. other stuff was not working. >> reporter: while it's still unclear what happened to him, they say this kind of kidney disease can sneak up on parents. >> you mix being stressed, overfatigued, dehydrated. you could have problems with kidney injury. >> reporter: recently, this
7:45 am
couple gave our barbara walters a look into their new lives. >> my family gives me everything. unconditional love. it's completion. >> it's just love. it's a beautiful place to be. >> reporter: cannon says he's doing better. he couldn't have gotten through it without his loving wife. he posted this on his website. >> i'm being patient. ain't about the grind all the time. making sure i stop and smell the roses. keeping my family first. love to my wife for taking care of me through all this. >> he said he thought he was this good shape. he wasn't eating or sleeping properly. he's going to focus on taking better care of himself. a little wakeup call. josh has the "play of the day." and model parent. and the grows controversy over paula deen's announcement that she has diabetes. les credi.
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> you know, sometimes, you miss like a half dozen plays of the day in the last four seconds before we come back. all right, we have a bo-fer for you. down under for both of them. check out marcos baghdatis. after a tough point lost in the third set. it's always the racket's fault. not just that one. seven times it took to break that racket. it's also that racket's fault. a lot of pros are out there are multiple rackets. in case a string breaks on the net. >> does he get a fine their that? >> he will. he's going to be losing more money. you want an example of sportsmanship? ball girl. match interrupted by that little guy or girl.
7:51 am
>> what is that? >> it's a cricket. they make her get down there, though she hated doing it, she gets it off the court so it can -- >> i love that face. >> so it can cricket another day. >> the slow motion makes that work. >> we'll be right back. and now, ally bang brings you you're spending how much? millions of americans spend and spend on coffee every day. what percentage of americans drink coffee at work? for the answer and to weigh in on your coffee habits, go to on yahoo!. brought to you by ally perks. wh? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank.
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7:54 am
we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
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still ahead, can't stand the heat, fete out of the kitchen.
7:56 am
nope, not paula deen. she's speaking out about her diabetes controversy. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. and happy thursday to you. we are dealing with a wind chill out there that feels like 16 degrees in baltimore and feels like 21 in easton also in dc and 16 in frederick right now. make sure to have the heavy coat. satellite and radar not picking up on anything. plenty sunshine but clouds will start to move in as we go more into the afternoon. high pressure is going to slide off toward the east and allowing for some clouds to he cold front gets closer to us as we go throughout the day. and by tonight, it will pass and drop the temperatures down
7:57 am
by tomorrow. and future trend showing the chance for a couple flurries as we go into the evening. but it should stay to the north and saturday maybe a winter remix out there because we could be seeing again maybe some snow and also some rain across the area. but for today, temperatures right around 42 and some sun and clouds and it will be seasonable. let's head over to angela with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. for the thursday morning drive congestion and we are dealing with one accident on the key routes eastbound i-70 at 32. state police on the scene of a collision there. for the most part south of baltimore not too bad. 95 a good route down to the capital beltway as well as 295 the bw parkway also not look bad on route 1 if you take that. north of the city, traveling to the beltway 95 got delays and once you get there, here's what to find. major gridlock on the top side of 695. outer hoop lanes on the right side of the screen. and that jam continues past
7:58 am
harford road around to providence road making your way around to the harrisburg expressway. now back to new york for more "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ oh, my goodness. sam is busting a move in the studio here. >> a wide shot. >> thanks to the fine folks braving the temperatures right now outside. we so appreciate it. does this little girl look familiar? she's got some good genes. her mom is supermodel cindy crawford. her 10-year-old daughter is following her mother on to the catwalk. >> boy, that is a minicindy right there. >> i would call her minime. and paula deen is taking some heat. she's had diabetes for three
8:01 am
years but is only revealing it now. she's serving doughnut hamburgers there. cold as ice? some of the secrets of the superstars. why so many are going inside this ice chamber. sounds fun, right? >> dry ice, right? >> if by fun, you mean not fun at all. >> a lot of fun. >> you mussed sam dancing off to "ice ice baby." did you see it? did you see it? >> sam, we'll do that in the 8:30 hellos. turns out, mitt romney did not win the iowa caucuses after all, at least according to a new vote tally. rick santorum won by 34 votes. there are so many discrepancies already, we may never have an official winner there. newt gingrich is surging with just two days to go before
8:02 am
the south carolina primaries. he's closing the gap, coming within five points in one poll. other news from italy. francesco schettino has been suspended by the cruise line. this morning, they're denying knowledge about a woman who may have been the schettino as the disaster was unfolding. 21 people remain missing. including two americans. chris cuomo is at the scene. chris? >> reporter: we have new information and new questions. why did it take so long for the evacuation order to be issued? a lot of fingers being pointed at the company. they said they had no idea what happened that night. we have reason to believe they spoke to the captain after the collision, as many as three times. they also said they didn't know about the route. the captain says it was prepanned. and ship tracking data showed this ship crossed this close to
8:03 am
giglio island in the past. divers will blow holes in the hull towards the back of the ship to see who else they can find. josh? >> thank you, chris. meanwhile, actor jude law is one of dozens of celebrities that will get a payday courtesy of newscorp. they've agreed to pay damages up to $200,000 to 36 high-profile victims of phone hacking. an investment banker in washington is donating $7 million to repair the washington monument. the august earthquake there caused cracks that forced the monument to close. the amount matches what congress has authorized for repairs. get ready for less leg room on your next flight. southwest, the latest airline to add another row of seats to the boeing 737.
8:04 am
the space to each roe of seats will be shrunk. lit now be 31 inches per row. here's diane with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh. a chef unlike any other. he's kind of magician. his idea of health is to make food that is good for you as amazingly wonderful as the food you crave. how does he do it? finally, a mom to be from washington state made to it the hospital on time. just not quite to the delivery room. instead, kate gave birth to baby blake in an elevator stuck between floors. dad, luke, was able to climb down into the car and cut the umbilical cord. it took two hours to free the family. final stats, 7 pounds, 15 ounces. just shy of the 14th floor. look at that.
8:05 am
sweet little baby. healthy and happy. and -- >> named? >> i do, i do. i definitely do. >> named? otis. >> yeah, was, see with the -- >> pop news. all right. i promise. good morning. rumors all day yesterday that beyonce would make the first red carpet appearance last night 11 days after giving birth. but not so soon. husband jay-z's 40/40 club. he posed for photogs. warren buffett was there. >> i love that. >> he's like, wow, tavern on the green has never looked so good. >> left turn.
8:06 am
all right, it's often been portrayed in the movies that leading men -- a leading man becomes a bumbling fool in front of a beautiful woman. a new study confirms that does actually happen. even the mention of a woman's name while doing simple testing affected the men's cognitive performance. men suffer from temporary stupidity when interacting with women. >> actually, this just in in related news, orange juice comes from oranges. >> now we have a good excuse, every morning, josh, come on. >> robin? alli? >> i love this. >> it's true, it's true, it's true. >> thank you for admitting it. also in the news, the silent film, "the artist" is getting some negative reviews in
8:07 am
england. patrons have asked for refunds because, what do you know, they can't hear the dialogue? >> speaking of temporary stupidity. >> okay. >> after issuing refunds, the theater is warning patrons on the way in that the movie is supposed to be silent. they'll only give refunds if the patrons complain in the first ten minutes. >> that's incredible. >> i'm glad you found that amusing. now to a video trending wildly. there's a moral to this story. the signs that say, don't feed the animals, that is why. this woman, waving her chips around with the winds open. she's lucky it was the zebra that wanted the ship. [ screams ] i want to point out that megan is fine. this public service announcement was brought you to by the pop
8:08 am
news heat index. she's fine. she's fine. she posted it. don't look at me like that, mr. play of the day. >> i'm just saying, in superduper slow-mo, that was scary. >> she knows she probably shouldn't have had the windows down. that's pop news. sam, help me. >> good morning, gang. i took a quick survey. i thought it would be minnesota -- okay, no, you don't count. you're not from -- you're from here. you're from "gma." so like -- like a cold state, like cleveland, ohio? where? no. ft. lauderdale? >> yeah! >> texas? >> south texas. >> it's the hearty southerners standing out in the air. some pictures from chauls this
8:09 am
morning. one burst of cold air, then the second burst of cold air. winter is on the board. each bust has a little snow-making opportunity with it. chicago, you're about 12 degrees. we feel like that is the low tump ch temperature headed that way. here's the heaviest rain in the second system to hit the northwest today will deliver. it's a lot of rain and continues winds. more than six inches in the areas that got heavy rain yesterday. dallas, that 70 looks so good. but orlando is 69. miami in the 70s as well.
8:10 am
>> it's the heartiness of the folks in times square that i love the most. lara? >> thank you very much. here's a look at what else we have coming up. like mother, like daughter. cindy crawford's 10-year-old turning heads. she's a future supermodel. plus paula deen revealed her diabetes. now why she's taking so much heat for it. we'll have that story. and why snakes could be the answer to turning back the hands of time. inside one of the newest beauty secrets of the stars. all coming up on "gma." [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. ♪
8:11 am
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8:14 am
like mother, like daughter. back in the '90s, supermodel cindy crawford was everywhere. now her daughter, just 10 years old, is picking up where mom left off. >> could this family look anymore perfect? the father is a model, the son is gorgeous. everyone is gorgeous. they're big shoes to fill. cindy crawford has krased more than a thousand magazine covers. while kaia is not there yet, she's got a seven-year jump on her mom. cindy crawford has rocked the runway for decades.
8:15 am
now, there's a new kid in town. it happens to be her own. kaia gerber may be 10 but she's the spitting image of her famous mother. >> you have a girl that is really beautiful, genetically, and why not seek that opportunity. >> reporter: with her mom on set, this supermodel in training posed for her first ever modeling job. >> what's fantastic about it and almost jaw-dropping about the ad, she looks almost like cindy. >> reporter: cindy was a muse to gianni versace in the '90s. donatella versace says, like her mother, the camera really, really loves her. >> reporter: kaia's career started before she could walk in
8:16 am
this diet pepsi ad with her mom. >> she could have an incredible career in front of her if she wants it. >> reporter: she's following in the footsteps of the other celebrity kids. riley kehoe has modeled for christian dior. heather locklear and richie sambora watched daughter ava model in 2010. and for gucci spring 2011's children's line, jennifer lopez showed off her twins, max and emme. >> you think style. same thing with cindy crawford. she's a beautiful young girl. the reputation of parent helps the child in this situation. >> reporter: you probably can't
8:17 am
say they steered them in that direction. it's gianni versace. >> she's beautiful. >> she has an amazing future if she wants. her mom was a chemical engineering student. >> a lot going on there. celebrity chef paula deen is speaking out after setting off a fire storm with her announcement this week that she has type ii diabetes. doesn't seem like the controversy will go away any time toosoon. >> she's'i inseeing temperature rising like never before. we know her as the queen of southern cuisine. familiar to "gma" viewers for
8:18 am
her many visits over if years. offering her signature males. >> gravy and biscuits. >> everybody is talking about paula deen right now. >> are they? >> reporter: after revealing she has been diagnosed with type ii diabetes. >> why announce this now? >> think it's been close to three years, clinton. it was really something i had to digest. >> reporter: her announcement came the same day she started endorsing a diabetes drug. >> i have made simple changes in my life. like cutting back on one of my favorite things, sweet tea. >> reporter: she's donating a portion of the proceed. not good enough say some of her
8:19 am
critics, who have long rald against her high-fat, sugar-loaded cooking. celebrity chef anthony bourdain took to twitter, accusing her f offing in on her disease. thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business so i can profitably sell crutches later. fans wrote, shame on you. so disappointed paula deen. campaign on obesity and diabetes, absurdity. one said, you don't know anyone anything. keep on being paula. her campaign could send the wrong message. >> it's absolutely up to her whether she wants to tell the public. i'm afraid we're teaching precisely the wrong message. >> reporter: in statement to abc news, the pharmaceutical company says paula deen is someone people can relate to.
8:20 am
we applaud her bravery for help people the best way she knows how and are proud to call ourselves her partner. >> i got from the garden. >> reporter: meanwhile, deen celebrated by fans for her home style cooking and folksy sense of humor now says she wants to spread awareness. >> when my life is over and you hear my name, i hope you associate the world hope with it. >> reporter: she says she plans no major changes to her cooking style. she's always preached moderation. she's in business with her sons, one of them who has an upcoming television show, called not my mama's meals. he lightens up some of her recipes. >> and emeril is here in the next half hour. we'll ask him about that as well. lara? thanks, robin. until we find the fountain of
8:21 am
youth, we'll probably continue the spend millions of dollars to turn back time. how far will they go? abbie boudreau found some shocking trends of the stars. >> reporter: we all know just how far some celebrities will go to have that perfect, glowing skin. here in l.a., i found out firsthand just how bizarre some of the trends really are. it's forever remained a mystery, just how far women will go to look young and beautiful. vampire facelifts. fish pedicures. bird-dropping facials. the latest? brace yourself. human placenta facials. snake venom facials. ice chambers. this woman claims the facial is the secret to the stars. >> it can do such an area.
8:22 am
the snake venom goes all over your face. >> reporter: it's not poisonous. the serum is engineered to mimic the venom effects. it's not real snake venom? >> it's not. but it's identical. it paralyzes certain muscles in your face, reducing fine lines and wrinkles over time. what does it feel like? >> it feels amazing. it was scary at first. >> reporter: i somehow got roped into trying a little snake venom myself. first, let's take a look at perhaps the most extreme celebrity skin secrets. the human placenta facial. >> it will be the signature facial for this office. the red carpet facial. >> reporter: when you told your patients, what were they saying? >> it's a good thing people trust me. they were not scared.
8:23 am
>> reporter: who does this? well, let's just say it's another one of hollywood's best kept secrets. >> it's the secret of people who need to look their best all the time. >> reporter: but human placenta? dr. lancer says the treatment is safe, but costly. $500 or more. and where do they get the placenta in the first place? >> they're harvested from afterbirth in russia. the proteins are purified, dried, resuspended. it's like recycling. >> reporter: think we have the gist of that one. let's check out the coolest of the trends. ice chamber. oh, my gosh, it's freezing. how cold does it get? >> about minus 170 celsius. >> reporter: it is crazy. what does it do? just 3:00 in the chamber, and the doctor says it will help stimulate collagen production,
8:24 am
plump out wrinkles, and shake years off your look. >> you lose weight, the metabolism. that's one thing they're interested in. >> reporter: sharon davis loves the hel this so far. oh, look, i'm thin now. >> reporter: shelly dennis wants a more natural way to maintain her looks. >> i'm really cold. >> reporter: why are you doing this to yourself? >> i love the feeling i have after. like my body is awake. >> reporter: speaking of awake. oh, my gosh, my face is on fire right now. that's how i felt after the snake venom facial. after the red light and oxygen,
8:25 am
here's the before, and now the after. no doubt, i'm glowing. but to get lasting results, sewn kra says i need a whole lot more venom. so whether you're thinking of getting one of these done, the truth remains, it's all truly bizarre. and, lara, since i had such a good time, i sent you a little present overnight. a little snake venom that maybe you can test out yourself. >> i would like to thank you for sharing. the true sisterhood that we share secrets like that. oh, i feel a little tingly. >> right away. >> you said that you -- um, it works best on expression lines, i understand? >> reporter: yell, and over a long period of time. it's not like an injectable. you leave and a day later, you're really seeing the effects. this happens over a longer period of time. remember. it's not real snake venom.
8:26 am
it him ix the effects of a snakebite. sonya is the creator. she says she feels it works better. it doesn't give the frozen feel. it's less than $200. find out where to buy it on our website. from that to steals and deals. don't miss it. stay with us.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. and happy thursday to you. check out what's going on right now in terms of temperatures. we are cold definitely feeling it in towson and coming in at 20. 23 in sparrows point. ellicott city at 28 right now. and we have the winds not so bad. we like to see the two-mile-an- hour wind in towson. edgewood around one. calm but if you feel a little bit of anything, you are going to feel a little colder so. sparrows point coming in right around 15 and that's the way it feels on your exposed skin. that's why you need to bundle up this morning. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. nice and dry as of now. change coming to the forecast. but let me send it over to angela who has the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:28 am
on the roads a couple incidents to watch for heading out thursday morning. traveling northbound lanes blocked and a collision there disabled southbound 97 at route 32. if you are traveling on the beltway that's where you will find most problems. no major problems on 95 making your way up to the beltway. once you get on 695 west side okay but the top side is where we have major delays make your way around harford road. thank you. in news the parents of bethesda child are under fire after leaving her alone in their home for nearly an hour and a half. yesterday, the 6-year-old tried to make toast while left home alone. the home filled with smoke and the fire alarm went off. she went and told a neighbor who called police. and the parents of anne mccann will hold a press conference in november of 2008 her car was stolen and she was found dead in baltimore. that press conference will be held later today. and we will have more news and weather in a half-hour.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ the heat is on ♪ the heat is on not outside it's not. it's freezing here in new york today. we have emeril inside with great comfort foods. perfect food for a winter's day. a braised pot roast. >> it already smells good. also this morning, your children's furniture may be holding more than just clothes and toy. the invisible danger that could be a danger to their health. >> air pollution inside. yes, good news. i'm here with tory johnson. today is your day if you have kids between 8 and 12. you have found great things that the tweens are talking about.
8:31 am
>> not just them, but the people in the studio. the first thing we want to say, to get any of these deal, go to on yahoo!. everything needs a code or special link. it's all while supplies last. first company is adorable. who doesn't smile from some scratch and sniff pi. it was started by three women in new york. scented jewelry. smell a little strawberry on your neck. how adorable is that? i have cinnamon shoe laces on my wrist. >> oh. >> cutest scents. lots of fun things. regularly only to about $13.50. in half, all these things start at $2.50. >> a great birthday present for a friend.
8:32 am
>> also start thinking about valentine's day. dci makes the cutest gadgets. the cupcakes. hamburger and fries. look at the -- it reminds me of "dancing with the stars." a crystal ball, plug it into a phone, it turns it into a speaker. put it on your desk. got your music there. a whole selection of stuff. find other things on our website. regularly $9 to $30. starting at $4.50 for great things from dci. >> what is this lollipop? >> it's a speaker, too. plug it into your phone. >> i have a 10 and a 7-year-old. these things are so up their all alley. you're on the pulse. >> this is soup cool. a company called yubz. >> can i demonstrate? >> you plug it in.
8:33 am
in new york city, people walking down the street, they're looking just like you. and you think they're insane, just like you, because they have that phone in their pocket. you don't see the phone. it's so great. if you're on your bed or walking down the street, you carryrally ear. >> how much do we love that? >> there's competition in the studio for who is looking to grab these. >> but you don't have to because -- >> regularly $50, now $25. four colors on our website. >> there's no way to carry that in skinny jeans. >> you can find a way. >> if you wear a tool belt? >> oh, if you had a tool belt and the phone. oh, i got it. >> look, sam's eyeing it. teen vogue, they wrote the handbook on careers in fashion for teens. that's what this book is all about. how to start a career, start thinking about a career, as a
8:34 am
young person, in the fashion world. it comes with a voucher for a year-long subscription for teen vogue. a great book. regularly $25. it's $7.50. one of the editors, the favorite things is debra lippman nail polish. she's created a phenomenal business. my favorite glitter covers that are all the rage with betweens and teens. regularly $18 to $20, cutting it in half, $9 to $10. hard to beat that deal. last but not least. tweens and teens change their minds thp the company is called wall pops. you can get more than 500 decals
8:35 am
and change the look in a minute without busting the bank. you can take it right off. >> oh, that is really fun. >> you could go there this, to -- >> oh! >> how you doing? >> to this. all the wall pops range from $15 to $34. we have you covered. $7.50 to $17. 50% savings. we have all these things on on yah ! yahoo!. we have exclusive deals on the website in addition to these things. >> kate and did you have are at home giving thumgs up. i know your girls are, too, george. quickly, oh, i'm sorry, it's for me. oh, what? >> josh this is for sarina. >> sam, we need to go to weather. sam, you got it, thank you. thank you tory.
8:36 am
sam, you're on. >> thanks, lara. hey, twitter and facebook pictures are alive today. from washington into -- well, both of them are lake wood and woodinville. we have norris eastern snow. the opportunity to pick up two hits in the next 48 hours. this is the zone over the next 48 hours. you're looking at a good hit of solid snow. if that target zone is right and the second low develops. 70 degrees in dallas. 68 in new orleans today. that is where the warmth is holding on. 64 in l.a., 67 in ft. coll
8:37 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by ashley furniture. oh, josh, you know we're close to the 1 million coats on the warm hearts, warm coats drive. we're coming up with new ways to get people to help us. we have teamed up with the brilliant ninds of zinga. it's a brand new game. go to the facebook page. my, that's an attractive group of folks. >> i could -- >> well, one of them. go below that, hit that. you have this game. do it quickly. find the items on the game. revolver? josh? >> revolver. >> how about the goldfish? >> it's good. >> i don't know where the razor? >> baby bunny. go. you're scoring points on this. and the idea is if you do it fast, and you score points.
8:38 am
>> you go in the home page. >> you'll see that. warm hearts, warm coats icon. all your money goes straight to actually buy new coats for someone out in the cold this winter by playing the game. >> if we have got. you to give a coat -- >> and boy do we appreciate it. >> we can still get coats out of this. you'll donate $5. you have to hit that button. >> donate. the new tally. how many we are. we're getting close. we have to get to 1 million. 963,583 coats. again, we're so close to our goal, remember, you can still donate coats at any burlington coat factory. we appreciate it. something you need to know about your furniture, coming up. very nice. does your cable company keep charging you more...
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most of us associate air pollution with smokestacks and tail pipes outside. the epa now considers indoor air quality as the fourth biggest threat. elisabeth leamy is here to tell us more. >> we found you a way to show you something that is invisible. you can smell the chemicals in
8:42 am
your home sometimes. you can't see them. they're there. we wanted to know which ones, how much, and what they're doing to our bodies. we set out to set up the perfect child's nursery. were the team bringing in formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene glycol and other chemicals? it's a daunting thought. >> your home, your safe haven, the place you're posed to be the safest is a potential cause for danger. you start thinking, what are all the chemicals? what is it doing to my family? >> reporter: it's not just furniture. other things in the house give off chemicals. they can cause eye and throat irritation in the short term and
8:43 am
asthma and cancer in the long term. what kind of invisible things are in here. >> exactly. >> reporter: we asked an indoor air quality technician to test. the air contained 300 different chemical compounds, compared to just two when we tested rightout side the same house. >> whether it's significant enough to cause health prop problems, we'll have to look at the lab results and tell. >> reporter: next up, the lab at greenguard. they test furnishings for chemicals and gives its seal of approval. >> we have determined that not only is the air quality more hazardous inside than outside. but the source of the polutants is coming from the materials we use on an everyday basis.
8:44 am
>> reporter: they pioneered a way to measure the kem cams by isolating it in a large chamber. the interior is stainless steel and glass. two materials that don't give off gas. the results are a preflexion only of whatever is placed inside. it's time for lab workers to load our nursery furniture into the chamber, where it will sit for seven days. these tubes capture the chemicals coming off the furniture. >> it's like a kol lander. the water goes through, the noodles stay behind. same prince pbl. >> reporter: we're straining chemicals. one week later, we herned that the rocker had more than seven times the recommended level for formaldehyde. the crib mattress gave off more than 150 chemicals including
8:45 am
solvents a solvents. none of the products is in violation of any law. >> we have standards for the outdoor air. the occupational workers. we don't have them for people in our homes today. >> before you bring new furniture or other products into your home, slow down. and think about what else you're bringing in, too. >> that was really surprising, 300 chemicals inside a tiny little nursery. what can people do about it? >> look for products certified as having low emissions. the more people that ask for them, the more there will be. when you get new furniture, unpack it doubt doors. bring it in after a week. and if you're going to paint, try to do it in the fall or spring when you can open the windows. coming up, emeril's got some
8:46 am
some f
8:47 am
8:48 am
stay close. it's cold outside. our good friend, emeril lagasse is here to heat things up. from his new book, sizzling ski skillets and other one-pot wonders. you're good friends with paula deen. a lot of controversy right now. how did you react when you heard? >> my very best to paula. we, in our household, have been dealing with diabetes for many, many years. as my good friend julia child
8:49 am
would say, it's about moderation. mod vags a good thing. my best and prayers to paula. >> we echo that. you have said that. we love having you on. we love the decadent dishes. you can't eat this every single day. it's a treat. >> it's about moderation. we have a couple of things we're doing today. a classic pot roast. inexpensive cut of beef. you want to try to get as much flavor as you can. >> how? >> we're going do this. take and make a little paste. i have chopped rosemary. chopped garlic. a little bit of salt. you're going to take a knife and sort of work this in as a little spread. a little black pepper would be great. we're going to do this. take a paring knife and make a
8:50 am
cut. we're going to take some of this and work it inside there. >> all inside. >> exactly. >> i like that trick. >> we're going to season it with salt and pepper. in a hot dutch oven, we're going to ad -- oil. and then we're going to -- >> oh, there's that sound. >> we're going to begin to start searing that. we want to sear it on all sides so it looks like this. then we're going to add some braising liquid to this. this is stock. reduced stock. a little bit of that spatula there. the tomato paste goes inside here. a good tablespoon of toe nay tow paste. it's the foundation. the glue. that's okay. that's okay. after that sears, we cover it, put it in the oven, 350, 375 for
8:51 am
about two hour. >> okay. just falling off the bone. there's though bone to fall off. >> we're going to add the vegetables. celery, carrots, parsnips. then the potatoes and onions in here. >> good, the veggies. veggies, yes. >> lots of veggies. covered, back in the oven for u. >> wow. >> okay, now, what happens is that you can see. this is light in consistency, the stock. >> give her something to whisk, please. >> all right. a couple of tablespoons, add it to the flour. whisk that in. >> and i helped. >> and so what happens now, the vegetables look like this.
8:52 am
take the meat out. let it rest. start slicing the pot roast. as i'm going right here. and on the plate with vegetables. what do i have? all the vegetables here. if you want -- >> the brussels sprouts are great. >> i have green beans. cherry tomatoes. >> brussels sprouts roasted with lemon, lemon juice, finished with a little bit of parmesan chooes. >> josh brought me my plate. >> will we have all the recipes on the website? >> we do. this is risotto. have you tasted it? it's a blt risotta? >> breakfast, lunch, or dinner? >> exactly. >> you're on a roll. >> to what you were saying about not eating like it every day. it makes it feel like a special treat.
8:53 am
>> it's comfort food. it's cold out. people want the comfort, the warmth. pot roast, a very inexpensive cut of meat, using a chuck roast. >> and hard to ruin. >> it's a treat. >> thank you, emeril. ♪
8:54 am
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8:55 am
super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins.
8:56 am
we have all had dinner for breakfast today. it was great. >> leave it in another extra hour, it really falls apart. >> fantastic. great stuff. tomorrow, glamorous red carpet looks at affordable prices. after this dinner. have a great day, everyone. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. happy thursday. as we get closer to the
8:57 am
weekend, right now temperatures are seasonable coming in around 24 in baltimore and easton around 21 degrees. and with a light variable wind we are feeling chillier. wind chill makes it feel like 17 degrees into ballmore right now. 16 in york and 18 in hagerstown. so make sure to bundle up before heading out this morning. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot except plenty of sunshine in the forecast for this morning. but, change is coming. high presh year yushkevich is going to -- pressure is going to slide off the coast. and will allow for the clouds to move in and the cold front is going to get closer to us and push through as we go through the overnight and it's going allow for colder air to seep into the area for tomorrow as well. future trend picking up what emphasis is going to seep in possibly through the overnight. maybe a couple flurries more north you go and we will see a wintery mix as we go into friday night. and also on saturday. that's possible. our forecast for today temperature wise, right around
8:58 am
42 degrees and some sun then clouds and then it will be very seasonable going into the afternoon. by tonight, that temperature will be right around 29 degrees and clouds will whoever then and a little breezy as well. and 37 degrees for tomorrow, partly cloudy and colder. and here to check out game day forecast it will be 32 degrees at the patriots partly cloudy and the wind will be in the northeast at 5 to a 10 miles an hour and check of the seven-day forecast looks like. this as we go into the week end, there's the morning mix i am talking about. by sunday, we don't get the mix but we could see a few showers in the forecast. and then we get much warmer going into monday. and that temperature coming in right around 54 degrees and maybe a few showers then as well. make sure to have the rain gear. have a wonderful day.
8:59 am

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